Myoko Snow Report 24th November 2014

Myoko Snow Report: 24th November 2014

First Myoko Kogen Snow Report for 2014/15

It’s been a cold October and November with quite a few bouts of early snow. The first snow fell in Akakura Onsen a couple of weeks ago. Here’s a video of it taken from Red Warehouse, not that it hung around on the ground for any length of time.

We still have a substantial mantle of snow hanging around on the tops of Mount Myoko and Mount Hiuchi. Unfortunately the resorts are a bit pessimistic about the mid-range forecast and have set the opening dates back to the third weekend in December. At this stage Myoko opening dates are:

Akakura Onsen: 20 December

Akakan: 20 December

Ikenotaira Onsen: 19 December

Myoko Suginohara: 20 December

Seki Onsen: TBA – mid-December

Madarao Kogen: 19 December

Myoko Snow Report November 2014

Myoko Snow Report November 2014

As you might have heard on the news we had quite a big shake here in Myoko a couple of days ago. Reasonably mild (mag 5.2) around Myoko area and nearby. The quake was centred around Otari near Hakuba with reports of it being 6.2-6.8 and there have been some continuing aftershocks. Nothing that will upset any plans for this winter in Myoko Kogen.

Current snow and weather conditions in Myoko now

24 Hr Snow Fall: 0cm

Current Snow Depth at Base: Official

Current Snow Conditions: N/A

Current temperature at base: 8° at 11:00am

Current Weather: Cloudy

Current Visibility: Cloudy up top

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