Myoko Kogen Snow Report 11th February 2014: Another storm coming

Myoko Kogen Snow Report 11th February 2014

Some calm before another storm

Myoko Kogen Snow Report

Apologies for a lack of report yesterday. One of our reporters was at a seminar and the other was doing his last shots and packing up ready for his return to Melbourne today. Thanks Matt Hull for your great contributions this season. On Monday Matt had a hike up to Naena Taki Falls with Bill from Dancing Snow. The falls are a popular ‘green season’ attraction but the access is somewhat limited in the winter. For those wanting to know more see Naena Taki Waterfalls info here and a map is here

Naena Taki Waterfalls - Myoko Kogen Snow Report 11th February 2014

Naena Taki Waterfalls in Suginosawa (Myoko Suginohara), Courtesy of

Yesterday we had a bit of snow but it was mostly a clear day with lots of people out hunting the fresh stuff. Today the Myoko weather forecast is showing that we’ll be have a nice sunny day but with some more snow coming possibly tomorrow but looking definite on Thursday and Friday. It’s a beautiful but very cold bluebird morning here. There will still be some fresh stuff around although a lot was tracked out yesterday.

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Myoko Kogen Snow Report 11th February 2014

Matt hitting the pow in Madarao yesterday – pic thanks to

Down on the Japan Sea coast at Charmant Hiuchi they got a fair bit of fresh stuff but that unfortunately didn’t make it’s way to Myoko.

Myoko Kogen Snow Report 11th February 2014

Charmant Hiuchi last night

Current snow and weather conditions in Myoko now

24 Hr Snow Fall: 0cm

Current Snow Depth at Base: Official depths (to be updated later today)

Current Snow Conditions: Compacted on-piste, hopefully some powder pockets still around but a lot is already tracked.

Current temperature at base: -7° at 8:30am

Current Weather: Beautiful bluebird day

Current Visibility: Excellent

Madarao Kogen Snow Report

Over in Madarao Kogen they’ve had no snow overnight. Fine and reasonably cold this morning with the base at -5.5 ℃. Currently 220cm base and the snow is in great condition. Maybe still some fresh to find. This is the view this morning in Madarao.

Madarao Kogen Snow Report 11th February 2014

How’s this for a great morning shot at Madarao Kogen?

Today’s Myoko ski report video is from JimmyBeard

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Myoko Kogen Snow Report 11th February 2014: Still more snow in Myoko Kogen