Myoko Kogen Snow Report 12th January 2014: Bluebird and soft sides

Myoko Kogen Snow Report 12th January 2014

Bluebird and soft sides

Myoko Kogen Snow Report 12th January 2014

Bluebird day in Akakura Onsen. Photo by the Myoko Guy

Myoko Kogen Snow Report

Sorry the report is late today, because, well, everyone is out skiing!!!! I thought our day would go badly when my daughter dropped her ski pole off the lift on the first ride up at Akakura. However she redeemed herself at the top of the second ride when she said, “Daddy, I know a great tree run we can do!”. BTW a big hi to the Sydney group we shared lunch with today at Piste Restaurant.

There’s been a little more snow overnight but otherwise today it’s been a beautiful bluebird day. At Akakura Onsen today the on piste was mostly compact with a soft top. On the sides however there was plenty of untracked powder to find on the sides.

Matt Hull Photography has been out and about today and this is the story they filed.

Anyone who has been to Myoko Kogen knows there there is no shortage of snow, for lack of a better word it ‘pukes’ here. Even thought this snow is heaven for us skiers and boarders for people that live here year round it is a headache to get ride of the mountains of snow we receive a season, so what is the solution? Well many many moons ago back when this town was in it’s infancy the locals utilised the natural onsen hot spring water that flows down from the peaks of Mt Myoko. Channeling this water into a drainage system that flows beneath the town the locals open up the main drainage grates located around town and shovel the snow directly into the flowing hot water, hey presto, no more snow!

In this pic the lovely and very fit Shige San (former manager of the Hotel Windsor) utilises one of these drains. Shige, like most of the hardy snow country women here, is one fit chick! I wouldn’t fight her!

Myoko Akakura Onsen snow clearing

These are the days you dream of in Myoko Kogen

Myoko Kogen Snow Report 11th January 2014

The weather forecast shows more snow on and off for the next few days. Nice cold temps will make for amazing dry snow.

Don’t forget to book your Myoko accommodation soon (if you haven’t already). Hotels are filling up!

Current conditions in Myoko now

24 Hr Snow Fall: 10 cm

Current Snow Depth at Base: Around 2.3m base – varying across the resorts

Current Snow Conditions: Stashes of powder everywhere.

Current temperature: 4° at 2:30pm

Current Weather: Sun through some high thin clouds. Some grey clouds over the mountains

Current Visibility: Excellent

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Myoko Kogen Snow Report 12th January 2014:  Bluebird and soft sides