Myoko Kogen Snow Report 16th February 2014: Its Dumping

Myoko Kogen Snow Report 16th February 2014: Its Dumping

We’ve called it right and it’s puked its guts out overnight

There has been crazy amounts of snow in the last couple of days and even more last night, waking up to the snow covering the cars needing plenty of shoveling.

Myoko Kogen Snow Report 16th February 2014

Like, erm, dude, where’s my car! It was here last night!

Lifts were slow to open today due to the large amount of snow we have received and the strong North Westerly winds. Currently Hotel #3 and #5 Quad chairs (Akakura Kanko) are not running due to the wind.

The bullet trains from Tokyo to Nagano are still delayed but will run today. If you are going to be getting the trains today get there early and purchase a reserved seat because of all the people trying to get home from yesterday. Billy Norman has just posted the below photo on the Heart of Japan Facebook page with the explanation, “Live from Nagano station. Folks trying to get to Tokyo. Very long queues. Trains to Myoko however, are on time and operating.” Thanks Billy!

Myoko Kogen Snow Report 16th February 2014

Line up at Nagano after lunch today. Photo by Billy Norman

This is in contrast to the situation yesterday.

Myoko Kogen Snow Report 16th February 2014

A great picture from yesterday taking a look at the lighter side of things

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Current snow and weather conditions in Myoko now

24 Hr Snow Fall: 85cm+

Current Snow Depth at Base: 

Current Snow Conditions: Powder everywhere

Current temperature at base: -3° at 10:00am (not counting wind chill)

Current Weather: Snow easing in the last half hour but still strong winds

Current Visibility: Reduced but low cloud ceiling with the sun pocking through slightly every once in a while

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Myoko Kogen Snow Report 16th February 2014: Its Dumping