Myoko Kogen Snow Report 3 January 2014

Myoko Kogen Snow Report 3 January 2014

Bluebird with fresh snow everywhere from yesterday.

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It snowed all day yesterday and now the sun is out and blue skies everywhere. This is the view of Mount Myoko from Ryuoo Ski Park this morning. Looking fantastic!

Myoko Kogen Snow Report 3 January 2014

Mount Myoko in the distance as seen from Ryuoo Ski Park

Kieran was one happy guy this morning at Akakura Onsen resort,

Myoko Kogen Snow Report 3 January 2014

Kieran excited for first lifts today

A perfect day for every snow fan.

But now, a precautionary tale for today’s Myoko Snow Report

Two days ago a snowboarder at Myoko set off sidecountry through the trees and kept going till he ended up tumbling to the bottom of what was basically a cliff.

Search & rescue parties were sent out that evening but no sign was found. The whole of yesterday was spent searching for him and they got within 100 metres of where he was, but for whatever reason he didn’t respond to calls. This morning he was found by the helicopter and picked up in relatively good condition with no frostbite. It could’ve ended up much worse – both personally and financially.

So the message is this. Myoko off piste may be easily accessed but it is still dangerous. Be very cautious in what you do and if you want to be more adventurous carry the right equipment such as shovel, transceiver and probe. Have fun but be careful out there!

A big thanks to all the local volunteers who give up their time to help out, oft in dangerous conditions. You guys rock!

Current conditions in Myoko now

24 Hr Snow Fall: 40cm

Current Snow Depth at Base:  1.2m of compact base

Current Snow Conditions:  Soft groomers and powder in the trees

temperature: 2° at 11:30am

Current Weather: Sunny.

Current Visibility:  Perfect

Myoko Kogen Snow Report 3 January 2014