Myoko Resorts open? The Myoko season starts on 14 December.

Myoko Resorts open. Myoko season starts on 14 December.

Are the Myoko resorts open? No, not quite yet, things kick off on December 14, 2013

There was a big dump a couple of weeks ago but not much since. Some snow has come in tonight and we drove around to Ikenotaira this morning to check out the snow situation there. There was about 10cm on the ground but with it being a nice sunny day it was melting fairly quickly. Great for snow play though!

Myoko Snow Play - Myoko Resorts Open. Myoko Snow Play - Myoko Resorts Open

The Ikenotaira Onsen staff were very busy getting everything ready for the season start. There is a new Ikenotaira double chair that will turning around for it’s first season in 2013/14
New Ikenotaira chairlift

Our correspondent & photographer for this year, Damien, will be starting his Myoko Snow Reports in a couple of weeks so expect some serious reporting and great photographs from the middle of December. A big thanks to the Myoko Snowsports crew for their assistance with the Myoko Snow Reports. Make sure to check them out for a great range of gear, lessons and photography!

Myoko Snow Reports, Myoko Snowsports

Haven’t booked you Myoko accommodation yet? You better get cracking – some places are full already!