Myoko Snow Report 16 March 2017

Akakura village thanks to Akakura Onsen’s fb

Myoko Snow Report 16 March 2017


Current Conditions:

Light snow this morning! With some amazing snow up top on the mountain, the village got a nice little amount of snow fall over night which has improved current snow conditions.

24 Hour Recap:

We got about 15cm of snowfall in the village last night, with more up top on the mountain. Visibility has cleared up from yesterday giving us a bit more to see out there on the mountain.

Weather Outlook:

With the snowfall slowing down, this weekend is expecting to be a warm one. If you are out and about on the slopes make sure to wear sunscreen!

Mid-mountain forecast for the next few days:

Current snow and weather conditions in Myoko now:

  • 24 Hr Snow Fall: 15cm
  • Current Snow Depth at Akakura Onsen base: 370cm
  • Current Snow Conditions: Fluffy
  • Current temperature at base: -1℃ @8am
  • Current Weather: Overcast
  • Current Visibility: Moderate

Don’t forget to keep up with the snow progress via our Myoko webcams.

Current Snow Depth at Base:

Don’t forget! Got a great Myoko ski video from this season that you’d like to share? Upload your best efforts and then contact us with the details!

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Myoko Snow Report

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Myoko Snow Report 16 March 2017