Myoko Snow Report – 20 January 2015

Myoko Snow Report

20 January 2015

We have heavy snow conditions out today with 45cms of snow falling over night. The snow itself is generally heavy so it is best to avoid areas that could be avalanche prone.

Ski patrol are tightly monitoring spots on the hill that are closed and riding under lifts so stay safe and stick to in-bounds areas. Even the trees can be dangerous at this point. We unfortunately have had a death this week of a boarder riding bc across a terrain trap just off the top of Akakura Kanko (but still within the resort area). News link (Japanese). At 1.13 of the video you can see how close he was to the runs. Please take care when visiting the backcountry, be fully prepared (beacon, shovel, food, extra clothes, etc.) and don’t go out of bounds in bad weather.

Snow depth in Myoko. Myoko Snow Report – 20 January 2015
The crew at Red Warehouse had to get up and extend their snow gauge this morning to 5m. It was about to get buried at 3.4m!

The snowfalls should ease this afternoon and we should have relatively clear conditions by this evening. Temperatures will stay around -5c for most of the day before things begin to warm up overnight. Wednesday should have partly cloudy / snowy conditions with temps of 0c, with some more snow due Wednesday night.


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Don’t forget to keep up with the snow progress via our Myoko webcams.

Myoko Snow Report – 20 January 2015

Current snow and weather conditions in Myoko now

24 Hr Snow Fall: 5 cm

Current Snow Depth at Base: Official

Current Snow Conditions: Powder

Current temperature at base: -3° @ Akakura 8:00am

Current Weather: Cloud / Snow

Current Visibility: Low

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Myoko Snow Report – 20 January 2015