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Myoko Snow Report – 13 January 2015

Myoko Snow Report – bluebird day!

13 January 2015

We have clear, dry conditions today with beautiful blue skies. The temperature will top out at -4c with light 15kmh winds from the south east.
The weather will stay warm and clear all day with temperatures increasing over today and we should see warming up to +3c on Wednesday.

Have fun out there in the sunshine!

Myoko Snow Report - 13 January 2015

Here’s an incredible shot from yesterday (Courtesy of Red Warehouse Facebook page)  of the Champion A lifts dragging in the snow – it’s that deep here!

Myoko Snow Report - 13 January 2015

Myoko Snow Report - 13 January 2015

“Unexplored paths lead to undiscovered treasures”
Constance Chuks Friday

Don’t forget to keep up with the snow progress via our Myoko webcams.

Myoko Snow Report – 13 January 2015

Current snow and weather conditions in Myoko now

24 Hr Snow Fall: 15 cm

Current Snow Depth at Base: Official

Current Snow Conditions: Blue skies and fresh tracks.

Current temperature at base: -5° @ Tangaram 8:00am

Current Weather: Sunshine

Current Visibility: High

Don’t forget! Got a great Myoko ski video from this season that you’d like to share? Or would you like to show yourself off at The Daily Flake to the world by presenting a guest Myoko snow report? Upload your best efforts and then contact us with the details! Note: We are not a fan of 5 minutes of polecam face shots. Sorry, we prefer something a little more creative.

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Myoko Snow Report – 13 January 2015

Myoko Kogen Snow Report 3rd February 2012

Sun poking it’s head through today. Plenty of powder. Great day to be alive in Myoko!

24 Snow Fall: approx 20cm

Current Snow Depth at Base: over 4 metres

Current Snow Conditions:Powder

temperature: -5° at 8am

Current Weather: Light clouds and sun!!!!

Current Visibility: Great

Video yesterday of myself and Josh Hall having a bit of fun, ENJOY!!

Myoko Kogen Snow Report 17th January 2012

The sun is already starting to poke it’s head out and the snow is prime, what are you waiting for? get out there!

24 Snow Fall:5cm

Current Snow Depth at Base:over 3.5 metres

Current Snow Conditions: soft groomers

temperature: -3° at 8am

Current Weather:a bit cloudy but should clear fairly quickly, the sun is poking through the clouds up higher.

Current Visibility:fair