Destination Myoko Kogen: About us

Destination Myoko Kogen: About us

Myoko Snow Report 31 December 2015

Destination Myoko Kogen: About us

About Us: Destination Myoko Kogen is the independent web guide to Myoko. We were the first dedicated English guide to the region and have been proudly supporting Myoko tourism since 2003. It is part of the 蔵インターナショナル (Kura International) Group, a Japan registered business.

デスティネーション 妙高高原は妙高のWEBガイドです。

Contact details:
Akakura Onsen 549-25, Myoko-shi, 949-2111
Ph: +81 (0)255-78-7828
Email: myokoguy -at-

〒949-2111 新潟県妙高市549-25 赤倉温泉
Eメール:myokoguy -at-

We work with the local tourist board for promotion purposes but do not have any commercial affiliation, nor do we receive any subsidies.


We are proud members of the Myoko Kogen shoko kai (Business Association) and Myoko kanko kyokai (Tourism Board).

See more information about us here.

Destination Myoko Kogen: About us

About Us: History

Our first site was first launched in 2003 as a simple one page of links, hints and pictures in an effort to consolidate the paucity of English information on the Myoko Kogen area and make it more readily accessible. At that time there was very little information available in English but that had changed by 2006 with Myoko’s expanding international profile – partly due to our efforts we believe.

After the site grew to a number of pages with expanded coverage, it’s popularity increased, links were made from other sites and we were even mentioned in a number of newspaper, magazine and web articles. Since then the Explore The Heart of Japan sites have also been linked or recognized as the authoritative guide by a variety of websites and travel companies including MSN Travel, HIS, JNTO France, Sydney Morning Herald, Lonely Planet, The News Corporation Travel Section and Qantas Travel Insider. So in due course Explore the Heart of Japan further established itself as the most popular and informative one-stop English portal for the Myoko-Nojiriko-Togakushi-Madarao-Snow Monkeys-Nagano area.

Around the end of 2007 we became aware that there was a growing body of international skiers and snowboarders coming to Myoko Kogen. After visiting Myoko many skiers and snowboarders, both local and foreign, despaired of the accolades poured out on Hakuba, Nozawa, Shiga-kogen, etc., whilst Myoko Kogen, with snow every bit as good, went seemingly unnoticed. This was in part due again to a lack of regularly updated and substantive ski information on the area.

Hence in 2008 we added the Destination Myoko Kogen site as well to serve these needs. Destination Myoko Kogen quickly established itself as the authoritative site for ski information in and around Myoko Kogen and we strive to continue adding features.

About Us: Our Websites

Explore the Heart of Japan
Destination Myoko Kogen
The Nozawa Onsen Guide
The Hakuba Accommodation Guide
The Daily Flake
The Japan Onsen Guide

About Us: Our Ski Lodge

In order to fill a growing need in the market we have opened an Australian style ski club lodge in Akakura Onsen. See our Red Warehouse website for more information.

About Us: Staff

The information on this site was first put into place by Nic Klar (author of ‘My Mother is a Tractor’) in 2003. Nicholas spent two years living in Omi-machi in Niigata (1995-97) and met his wife on a snowboarding trip to Myoko. After travelling regularly to the area each year they are now established full time in the area at Akakura Onsen. Other people contribute on a part-time basis.

Destination Myoko Kogen: About us

About Us: Contributions and Recommendations

Please recommend this site to your friends and let your hosts know you found their information via this site. Feel free to contact us if you know of other useful contacts/links, have experiences to share (good or bad), know of other events or have found the information on this page useful

Many thanks to the numerous websites who linked to our information and made this site so successful. Webmasters please advise us of any links you make to this page and we will endeavor to provide a reciprocal link if appropriate. Please take note of our copyright provisions and do not assume it is okay to simply copy swathes of information from the site! See our FAQ for further information

Destination Myoko Kogen Ski Resort

Contact Destination Myoko Kogen

Contact Destination Myoko Kogen

Please use the contact form below to get in touch with us at Destination Myoko Kogen regarding tours and other requests. If seeking Myoko accommodation please use the request form at the bottom of the page here.

Email: Please use the form below

Skype: Myoko-Nagano

Address (English)

Akakura Onsen 549-25
Myoko-shi, Niigata
Japan 949-2111

Address (Japanese)

インターナショナルロッジ 赤の蔵

Phone Numbers

Phone: +81 (0)255-78-7828
Fax: +81 (0)255-78-7830
Mobile: +81 (0)80-8817-4888
Australia: +61 (0)8 7200 7077


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Need general Myoko tourism advice? Please contact the official Myoko Tourist Office – info at

Myoko Kogen Ski Resort, Japan

Myoko Kogen Ski Resort – Destination Myoko Kogen

Destination Myoko Kogen Ski Resort

Welcome to Destination Myoko Kogen – the proudly independent Myoko Kogen ski resort, accommodation and tourism guide. We were the first dedicated English guide to the region (in 2003) and unabashedly can claim that we are the most comprehensive and popular Myoko Kogen ski resort site on the web. Updates are regular as we head towards 2017/18 Japan ski and snowboard season in Myoko.

Visitors to Myoko Kogen ski resort can find even more features and tours for this and next season, as well as a number of new hotels – both in the local resort areas and city stopovers.

Good reading: 12 things to do in Myoko Kogen.

Please note: We are NOT the official Myoko Tourist Office website!

Myoko Kogen Ski Resort – Destination Myoko Kogen

Myoko Kogen Ski Resort overview

Ski pristine powder at Myoko Kogen ski Resort

Winter skiing and snowboarding options in Myoko Kogen’s powder snow and the surrounding regions are almost endless. If you are looking for nightclubs and parties Myoko will not be your scene. Instead, it’s all about the riding here in Myoko. The area offers some of the most outstanding skiing in all of Asia with an average base of four metres and snow walls sometimes building up to more than three metres high at the height of the season – yet just a train ride from Tokyo. After a day getting in amongst the white stuff (see the Myoko Kogen video below or  the new Myoko ski video here) there are a few traditional bars and restaurants to relax with friends and meet locals, plus don’t forget an obligatory dip in the onsen hot springs.

Check for great Myoko deals here!

Myoko Kogen Ski Resort and Snow Information

The mountains in and around Myoko receive some amazing snowfalls in winter (up to 14 metres on average) as moisture is swept in from the Sea of Japan and cooled by the surrounding peaks. The Myoko Kogen Ski Resort Area is made up of nine main mountain resorts: Myoko Akakura OnsenIkenotaira OnsenMyoko SuginoharaSeki Onsen, Akakura Kanko (a.k.a. Akakan), Myoko Ski Park, Madarao Kogen and Tangram Ski Circus, all with their own special distinctive features. There are a number of other nearby resorts such as the newly re-opening Arai Ski Resort, Kurohime Kogen Snow ParkTogakushi Snow World and Iizuna Kogen Ski Resort, plus other popular combination choices further afield such as Nozawa Onsen and/or Hakuba – so one is never really short of choice! You will find here a clickable map of all the major Myoko Kogen ski areas as well as surrounding resorts. There are also text links below.

Myoko advertising

Myoko Suginohara boasts the longest ski run in Japan (roughly 8.5 km) and Akakura Onsen Ski Resort possesses the steepest ski run in central Japan (38°) – rather nefariously referred to as “The Wall”. With great quality powder snow, some high level moguls, plus refreshing long runs, the area has something for all skiers. The kids are not forgotten at Myoko Kogen either – check out some of the Myoko kids ski school and childcare options here and the best family ski lodge in Myoko.

Myoko Kogen is truly the place to ski ‘The Heart of Japan’.

History of the Myoko Kogen Ski Area

The original meaning of Myoko comes from Buddhist culture – ‘holy mountain standing in the center of the universe’. The Myoko ski resort fields, one of the largest ski areas in Japan, were first used in 1911 and Akakura Onsen was established in the 1930’s as Japan’s first international mountain resort. This makes it one of the oldest established ski areas in the world and is a traditional mountain retreat of Japan’s imperial family. As just one testimony to the history of skiing in the area visitors will find a ski jinja (skiing shrine), which is dedicated to the protection of skiers in Myoko. With this rich history, you have the ideal holiday place to enjoy a total Japan ski resort experience.

Myoko Kogen Ski Videos

See the new Myoko Kogen ski resort video plus more Myoko  ski videos here

Myoko Kogen Ski resort lift passes and discount coupons

There is no one joint lift pass for the whole Myoko Kogen ski resort area. To find out what options are available in Myoko ski lift ticket information and discount lift passes you can check out our Myoko Ski Lift Passes and Discount Coupons page. Alternatively you can try the official resort sites that can be found via the resort links in the main drop down menu above.

Myoko Back Country, Nordic & Cross-country skiing

For those wanting to get off the piste and into some unexplored country, we seriously recommend finding qualified back country tours & guides. No backcountry experience? We can hook you up with some backcountry ski school or instruction. So check out the variety of cross-country, back-country, nordic and telemark and on our dedicated Myoko Back Country Ski page. Opportunities for snowshoe tours and races can be found on our Myoko Snowshoe page.

Myoko Kogen Ski Resorts & Surrounds

Myoko Suginohara Akakura Kanko Resort (Akakan) Ikenotaira Onsen
Akakura Onsen Togakushi Snow World Seki Onsen
Madarao Kogen Tangram Ski Circus Arai Ski Resort
Other nearby Niigata and Nagano ski resorts:
Nozawa Onsen Hakuba Hiuchi Charmant
Ryuoo Ski Park Kurohime Kogen Shiga Kogen
Wakabuna Kogen Togari Onsen Shinanodaira

Myoko Kogen Ski Resort Areas Map

myoko ski map

Myoko ski map provided with permission by the Myoko City Tourist Board

Myoko Kogen Area Map

Myoko Ski Map

Live Akakura Webcam – Click here for more Myoko Web cams

Page overview: We are Destination Myoko Kogen – the original Myoko Kogen ski resort area English website. Here you will find information on Myoko snowboarding and other activities in Myoko Kogen / Myokokogen / Myoko-shi (one of Japan’s best ski resorts), Akakura ResortIkenotaira, SuginoharaMadaraoKurohime and Togakushi. Find the best Myoko accommodation options, plus discover how to ski Japan, snowboard Myoko, cross-country and nordic skiing, find out about ski packages and lift prices, book English-speaking ski schools in Akakura and Myoko, Japan, plus see live Myoko snow web-cams. Links for childcare and kids ski schools can be found on the resort pages.