Myoko Kogen Snow Report 13th December to the 15th December

Sorry for the combined updates on the Myoko Kogen Snow Report, we have been getting everything ready for opening weekend, but now we are open and so is the mountain, it’s a glorious sunny day with lots of snow, the Gondola is spinning and the birds are singing 🙂

24 Hour Snow Fall: 0 cm

Current Snow Depth at Base: Approximately 50cm

Current Snow Conditions: Soft groomers

temperature: 5° at 10 am

Current Weather: Sunny!!

Current Visibility: Clear

A beautiful sunny day to start the season 🙂 – Photo: Damien St Pierre

Myoko Kogen in the sunshine

Myoko Snowsports instructor Tom Mitten carving up a storm on opening day. – Photo: Damien St Pierre

Tom Mitten carving up a storm

Myoko Kogen Snow Report: 15th March 2012

Snowing again, we’re getting spoilt this spring!

24 Hour Snow Fall: 10cm

Current Snow Depth at Base: Approx 2.8m

Current Snow Conditions: perfect groomers and powder on the side 🙂

temperature: -1° at 8am

Current Weather: snowing

Current Visibility: some fog

Including a couple of shots from Suginohara yesterday. One of the locals getting it on in the ski park.

And this is the great view looking down towards Lake Nojiri and Shiga Kogen

Update on official current resort snow depths at base: Akakan 360cm, Akakura Onsen 350cm, Ikenotaira Onsen 280cm, Tangram 260cm, Kurohime Kogen 240cm, Myoko Suginohara 230cm, Madarao Kogen 270cm, Seki Onsen 550cm.

Myoko Kogen Snow Report 21st January 2012

The calm before the storm, it looks like it’s going to dump tonight, wax up those powder skis kids!

24 Snow Fall:0cm

Current Snow Depth at Base:over 3.5 metres

Current Snow Conditions: Firm groomers

temperature: 1° at 8am

Current Weather:Overcast and snowing lightly

Current Visibility:a bit of low cloud up high, but vis is still good.

Myoko Kogen Snow Report 19th January 2012

Sorry for the lack of report yesterday, a guys gotta have a day off some time!

24 Snow Fall:0cm

Current Snow Depth at Base:over 3.5 metres

Current Snow Conditions: Firm groomers

temperature: -0.5° at 8am

Current Weather:Overcast and looking a little gloomy to be honest, but from experience that usually means snow is brewing.

Current Visibility:fair, fog up in the higher peaks.

Myoko Kogen Snow Report 17th January 2012

The sun is already starting to poke it’s head out and the snow is prime, what are you waiting for? get out there!

24 Snow Fall:5cm

Current Snow Depth at Base:over 3.5 metres

Current Snow Conditions: soft groomers

temperature: -3° at 8am

Current Weather:a bit cloudy but should clear fairly quickly, the sun is poking through the clouds up higher.

Current Visibility:fair