Myoko Kogen Snow Report: 12th February 2012

After a week of getting out on the carve skis the skies have opened up the past two days and we’re back to perfect Myoko powder, 30 odd cm yesterday and another 40cm today makes for a great day off piste, get amongst it!

24 Snow Fall: approx 40cm

Current Snow Depth at Base: Akakan 370cm, Akakura Onsen 390cm, Ikenotaira Onsen 250cm, Tangram 255cm, Kurohime Kogen 250cm, Myoko Suginohara 260cm, Madarao Kogen 220cm, Seki Onsen 600cm+

Current Snow Conditions: firm groomers with powder on top

temperature: -5° at 8am

Current Weather: snowing heavily

Current Visibility: average, overcast and some fog

Myoko Kogen Snow Report 31st January 2012

The calm before the storm, a nice calm morning today as we wait for the snow to come down tonight and tomorrow.

24 Snow Fall:approx 30cm

Current Snow Depth at Base:over 4 metres

Current Snow Conditions: Powder

temperature: -5° at 8am

Current Weather:overcast

Current Visibility:mainly clear

This is a nice shot above the clouds from Snow Navi – taken last week at the park in Myoko Suginohara.

Ski park in Myoko Suginohara

Myoko Snow Report: 29th January 2012

And again another 60cm over night and still snowing, will it ever end!

Everyone please be aware due to the immense amount of snow we’ve had in a short period of time avalanches pose a real threat to anyone out of bounds, please obey all signs posted by ski patrol, they are there for your safety! Lets all make it through January safe and sound.


24 Snow Fall:approx 60cm

Current Snow Depth at Base:Approx 4 metres

Current Snow Conditions: Powder

temperature: -6.5° at 8am

Current Weather:Snowing

Current Visibility:overcast

Just in case you missed it yesterday, check out yesterdays snow report, the riding will be as good if not better today!